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Sub-Miniature Pushbutton,
Description:  Sub-Miniature Pushbutton Switches PA SERIES  SPECIFICATIONS 1. Max. current/voltage rating with resistive load: 400mA 32VAC-100mA 50VDC-125mA 125VAC. 6. Toal travel:1.5mm(.059) 7. Operating Force:3N +/- 1N. 2. Initial contact resistance: 50m  max. 8. Contact bounce: 10ms. 3. Insulation resistance: 1G min. at 500VDC 9. Mechanical life:1,000,000 cycles. 4. Dielectric strength: 1,000VAC rms. 10. Torque:1.5Nm max. applied to nut. 5. Mechanical life:50,000 make-and-break cycles. 11. Soldering:300 C max. for 3 seconds. PART NUMBERING SYSTEM {1} PA - {2} S6 - {3}   - {4}   {5}   {6}   {7}   {8}   - {9}     {1} Series: PA   {2} Model: S6:SPST OFF-MOM   {3} Bushing: B1: Snap-in, B2:Threaded bushing   {4} Terminations: M1 Solder lug   {5} Contact material: A:Gold over silver   {6} Seal: E: Epoxy(std)   {7} RoHS Soldering: Blank: RoHS Compliant, S: RoHS & lead free   {8} Options: X: Water proof, Bank:Non Water Proof   {9} Cap color: 1: White, 2: Back, 3: Red, 4: Orange, 5: Yellow, 6: Green, 7: Blue, 8: Brown, 9: Grey DIMENSIONS (Unit:mm) PA-S6-B1-M1AES-5 Snap-in mounting     PA-S6-B2-M1AES-7 Mounting by threaded bushing
.Push Button Switch, Electrical electronics
Description:  PUSH BUTTON SWITCH PRL5-1 SERIES SPECIFICATIONS ·  Rating: 10(4)A, 250VAC T125     16(6)A, 250VAC T125 ·  Contact resistance: 20M  Max. ·  Insulation resistance: DC 500V 100M  Min . ·  Dielectric strength: 1,500VAC for 1 minute. PART NUMBERING SYSTEM {1} PRL5-1 --- {2}       {3} Rocker / Housing     {1}Series: PRL5-1: Push button switch   {2}Circuit:   A: 4P(ON)-OFF W/ Lamp D: 4P ON OFF-W/ Lamp   B: 4P(ON)-OFF E: 4P ON-OFF   C: 2P(ON)-OFF F; 4P ON-OFF   {3}Color: B: Black, BL: Blue, G: Green, R: Red, W:White, Y: Yellow We have built a solid reputation on excellent product quality, reliability, and affordability. Our goal is superior customer service with competitive prices. Thank you for visiting PACER's web-site. If you have any interests or comments on anything about Pacer Technology Co., LTD., please feel free to fill out the form below. All of us are always ready to  be of service you. Alternatively you may contact us by sending your e-mail to directly. We will be in touch with you in the shortest time.
Toggle Switch, Electrical electronics, toggle switch
SPECIFICATIONS: Contact Rating: As per individual material specifications Electrical Life: 50,000 make and break cycles at full load Contact Resistance: 10m max. initial @ 2-4 VC, 100mA for both coin silver and gold plated contacts Insulation Resistance: 1000M  min. Dielectric Strength: 1500 V RMS @ sea level Operating Temperature: -30°C to 85°C   MATERIALS: Case: Dially phthalate (DAP) Toggle Handle: Brass, chrome plated Bushing: Brass, nickel plated Housing: Stainless Steel Switch Support: Brass electrotin plated Terminal Seal: Epoxy Hardware: Nut & Locking Ring: Brass, nickel plated. Lock Washer: Steel, nickel plated Contact: As per individual specifications.

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Company Name : Pacer Technology Co., Ltd. (Member of ECE group)
.Establishment : December 8, 1989
.Primary Product: Dip Switch, Jack, Led Indicator, Micro Switch, Push Button Switch, Relay, Rocker Switch, Roll Ball Switch, Slide Switch, Splicing Connector for Telecommunication, Tact Switch, Toggle Switch, USB Connector, Vibration Switch.
.Registered Capital : USD1,600,000
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Contact person: Miss Connie Chuang
.Main Factory : No. 20, 25th Rd., Taichung Industrial Park, 40850 Taichung, Taiwan.
.Main Officer : Taichung,Taiwan General Manager - Mr. Louis P. L. Liao